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Frequently Asked Questions


What prep is the best for colonoscopy?

The gallon of PEG solution prep is universally the best and actually the easiest to achieve a good prep for good exam. Dr. Carveth does use a variety of other preps but most of the time these are compromises which means you may have a less than quality exam. Other presently acceptable preps are Osmoprep (pill form) and Gatorade prep. Instructions for these preps are from on the download forms page.

Can I call to make an appointment directing with Dr. Carveth or do I need a health care provider to schedule an appointment?

Dr. Carveth is a private practice specialist and as such is always accepting new patients. He is on a ridiculous number of insurance plans and must comply with the rules of your insurance plan. Generally if you are on a PPO insurance plan or straight Medicare you can call 559-440-0283 and make a new patient appointment. He does not take straight Medi-Cal or cash only patients because of the difficulty of scheduling and performing any needed diagnostic studies or surgery.

Robotic Surgery

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